Cases & screen protectors

A broken screen is not cool. Protect it, front and back.

Charging cases

Why should charging start and stop at the wall? mophie juice packs integrate a stylish phone case with a rechargeable battery, to keep you charged up and protected on the go.

Protect your new Galaxy in style.

Safeguard your new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ with screen protectors and cases designed just for them.

Tough protection cases

From the trail to the sidewalk, your phone is in for punishment. That’s why, from brands like Lifeproof, we offer some of the most advanced dustproof and waterproof cases available—many with built-in screen protectors.

Screen protectors: Glass vs. Composite

Which is better for your phone? It depends. Here are some benefits of each:


Smooth and crystal clear, a glass screen protector can offer incredible scratch and smudge resistance.


Flexible composite is very easy to apply. Plus, composite screen protectors come in anti-glare options that helps keep your screen visible in the sunlight.

What device are you shopping for?