Simple ways to expand your coverage

No one likes to be without a cell signal. As a T-Mobile customer, you have solutions available to help strengthen your connection and get the most out of our network.

Talk and text via Wi-Fi

Every Wi-Fi connection works like a T-Mobile tower. Connect your phone to a network and you can make calls, send texts, and surf the web. No apps, logins, or extra costs required.

Using Wi-Fi Calling is easy! Simply connect to an available Wi-Fi network and enable Wi-Fi Calling on your device.

Setting up Wi-Fi Calling
To use Wi-Fi Calling, you need a supported T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling-capable device. For information about setting up Wi-Fi Calling on your device, check out the How-to guides for your device on the Device tutorials page.

Before you use Wi-Fi Calling
You will need to set up your e911 address, as your location may not be automatically available to the dispatcher if you need to call 911. Learn how to set up your e911 address.

International calls and messages to the U.S.
With unlimited plans like T-Mobile ONE™ and Simple Choice™, all incoming calls and messages as well as outgoing calls or messages to U.S. numbers over Wi-Fi Calling are free. However, to avoid incurring data roaming charges, make sure that you disable data roaming when traveling internationally.

If you have a plan that doesn't offer unlimited calling, calls made over Wi-Fi Calling count against your plan minutes. For Pay In Advance prepaid lines, calls made over Wi-Fi deduct from the plan bucket just like regular calls.

Maximize your connection with a CellSpot

Our CellSpot Router boosts and expands your Wi-Fi coverage. Even if your signal is weak, you can still get service around your home. It’s easy to set up there’s no cost besides a $25 deposit.