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T-Mobile offers service to help connect with loved ones in Puerto Rico

We understand that it’s extremely concerning when you can’t reach friends and loved ones after a natural disaster. While we work to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Maria, we want to help you connect with those who mean the most to you.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Provide the number of the T-Mobile customer you want to reach in Puerto Rico.

2. Provide your name and number (so that we can let the person know who is trying to reach them).

3. If this person is a T-Mobile customer, we’ll send a text message with your name and number. The customer will receive the text as soon as he/she has a connection to the network (even if it takes a few days for them to get a connection, we’ll keep sending the message).

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By selecting Submit, I expressly consent to let T-Mobile give my name and phone number to the phone number I provided. Your information will be used to attempt to contact the person you want to reach in Puerto Rico. .

Note: This web service is solely intended to help Hurricane Maria recovery efforts and is temporary in nature.

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