Important notice: violation of roaming Terms and Conditions of Service will result in this line being cancelled

Our Simple Choice plans include unlimited calling and texting to and from Mexico and Canada. Plus use your plans high speed data up to 5GB, when you're in Mexico and Canada. However, this benefit is meant for those traveling abroad, not living abroad for extended periods of time. Our Terms and Conditions of Service state that we may terminate service for excessive roaming.

Our systems show that during several recent billing cycles the majority of usage on the line referenced in the message you received occurred while roaming off the T-Mobile US network, which violates our Terms and Conditions of Service. As a result, this line is scheduled for cancellation. Please note that you will still be responsible for all charges incurred in the meantime and if you have an existing EIP (Equipment Installment Plan) or lease balance on those lines, it will be charged in full after being cancelled. At your request, we can unlock your device for use on other networks.

We understand if switching to a local wireless service provider makes more sense for your situation and are happy to help you transition. Please call us at 1-425-302-2305, Monday - Friday from 5am-5pm PST if you have any questions.