Interview tips

Applying for a position with T-Mobile?
Here’s a quick guide on the application process and tips to get the most out of your interview.

1. Off to the races!

Your application is complete, and we’ve reviewed your information. We may reach out to you about next steps and ask questions about your experience and salary expectations.

2. Get to know us.

We love meeting candidates who know our story. As the Un-carrier, we’re changing wireless for good and having fun doing it. Follow us on social media using #BeMagenta to stay current and be ready for your T-Mobile moment.

3. Let’s meet.

If you’re selected, we’ll bring you in for an onsite interview. Depending on the team and role, you could be meeting with various team members or asked to participate in role-play scenarios. This is your chance to ask anything.

4. Tell us more…

This is your time to tell us about your work experience, how you work with others, and how you overcome obstacles. Applying for management? We may ask about your leadership style and how you like to grow talent within your team.

5. What’s on your mind?

We think it’s a good thing when interviewees ask us great questions, like long-term opportunities, what it’s like to work here, and the biggest keys to success in this position.

6. Seriously… have fun!

Interviewing with the Un-carrier means you’re in for a unique and fun experience. Showing your enthusiasm for our business —and this position— goes a long way with us. So relax, show us your confidence, and let’s have a great interview!