Keeping communities connected.

Public servants need high performance solutions that will help keep their communities safe and running smoothly. Your constituents count on you, and you can count on us.


Delivering public service for the future.

We’ve made major network investments in rural areas, smaller cities, and the suburbs—doubling our 4G LTE coverage since the beginning of 2015. And reliable coverage is just the beginning.

Our innovative solutions and tools include:

  • Network Coverage

    Now covering 99% of Americans.

  • Wireless Hotspots

    Have confidence that you’ll stay connected out of the office or in the field by creating your own Wi-Fi access.

  • Tablets

    Get work done on the go. Create mobile workstations to enable seamless productivity from anywhere.

  • Smartphones

    Seamlessly connect your own compatible devices or any new ones that are approved for classified use.


  • Connect Communities

    Provide your community with more opportunities by offering internet access to low-income residents.

  • IT Security

    Help protect government devices if they’re lost or stolen with Mobile Device Management solutions.

  • Fleet Management

    Make tracking and managing your fleet of vehicles simpler and more efficient.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Get expert support at any time, and learn about new wireless solutions for your department.


How we’re helping to bridge the digital divide.
Make informed decisions about your fleet—fast.

Learn how SyncUP FLEET can improve the productivity of your fleet.

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Make the right decisions for your fleet, at just the right time.

Get to know how SyncUP FLEET can help your business.

Optimize in near real-time.

Decide if your fleet needs to switch gears or stay the course with easy-to-use dashboards and customizable reporting on routes, fuel usage, engine statuses, and more.

Manage compliance.

Through an app that helps your business meet the ELD mandate, drivers can record their hours of service (HOS) on a secure cloud platform. You’ll automatically get the data you need to manage factors that drive a winning HOS Basic score.

Explore more about compliance management

SyncUP FLEET Hours of Service required for some features. See HOS terms

Protect your assets.

Protect all of your assets, including the most important ones—your people. Give in-vehicle verbal coaching to your drivers and help keep your team safe.

Learn about the importance of driver safety

Get actionable insights.

Boost productivity and save money by monitoring fuel usage, delivery routes, and more. Plus, maintenance reminders based on distance or time will help you keep your fleet—and your business—running smoothly.

See how we can help maintain your fleet

Schedule a demo to see how to optimize your fleet.

Get a preview of the valuable insights and customizable reports your business could get to help enhance your fleet operations.

Industry services

No matter your industry, SyncUP FLEET can help.
Field services

Construction, landscaping, plumbing—your business happens on-site. Get there more efficiently with real time data to help reduce fuel consumption and proactively monitor vehicle maintenance.

Transportation services

Keep your fleet unstoppable. Monitor fleet maintenance needs with proactive vehicle health reports and track HOS compliance with auto time tracking.

Local delivery services

Food and beverage, dry cleaners, florists—time is money when it comes to your delivery fleet. Help your drivers make the best choices on routes and driving behaviors with SyncUP FLEET.

Government services

Get near real-time data about your diverse fleet vehicles and help drivers make better choices. See how SyncUP FLEET helped Cobb County.

Materials & offers

Check compatibility and explore more about SyncUP FLEET.
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Find out if your fleet is compatible.

Most gas, diesel, and electric vehicles on the road today work with SyncUP FLEET.


Check compatibility

Get the right data from your fleet management provider.

See the three questions you should ask to find out whether your business is getting the data you need. 



Have a small business? See if SyncUP FLEET is right for you.

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