Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot

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  • T4B Mobile Internet 2GB
  • T4B Mobile Internet 6GB
  • T4B Mobile Internet 14GB
  • T4B Mobile Internet 18GB
  • T4B Mobile Internet 22GB
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T9 is a LTE Mobile Hotspot that simultaneously supports 15 device connections through built-in Wi-Fi AP. With advanced LTE technology and multi band support, T9 provides seamless wireless data connection whenever needed, wherever it goes.The OLED display with unique icons and text panel can provide easy-to-recognize device service status to customers.The stylish pocket-sized and semi-rugged design makes it easy for customers to carry it around anywhere.

  • Wi-Fi Connection Management
    Connect and manage up to 15 devices through web interface.
  • Extended High-Speed LTE Internet
    Browse, stream, and stay social wherever you are. Enjoy your own personal Wi-Fi network with 600 MHz Extended Range LTE.
  • WEA Capable