Get a superior fiber optic network service that is secure and reliable

Ensure security and privacy of your data.

Wave Service, a point-to-point (P2P) private network transport, protects your corporate and customer data on high-speed links between your most significant sites and data centers. This provides customers with 10GB and 100GB speeds using fiber optical wavelengths across our nationwide, fiber network.

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Provide the demand for high-bandwidth applications.

Built to adapt to growing network traffic demands, our cost-effective, P2P optical Wave Service can support both regional and national requirements-with a nationwide long-haul fiber network that provides route diversity to support your vital applications and cloud solutions.

Countless white spots in the sky above a city all connected to one another.

Confidence in the reliable platform for business continuity.

With more than 30K miles of fiber carrying large amounts of data over a geographically dispersed, nationwide footprint, this robust fiber network offers some of the most unique and direct paths to support a range of customer route requirements.

Take advantage of features such as:

  • Dedicated, private, secure network for transport of latency-sensitive applications

  • Geographically diverse routes covering a nationwide footprint

  • Supports Ethernet (10GB, 100GB) and OTN (OTU2/STM-64, OTU4

  • Enable a high-capacity network connection that can cost-effectively carry any business application

  • Aggressive availability and performance SLAs

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Flyer: Wave Service

Meet the data transport demands of your business with Wave Service. This reliable, secure point-to-point optical network solution keeps your information flowing on dedicated, high-speed connections to all your critical business sites and data centers.

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Podcast: How wave services help you innovate, not operate.

Get the scoop on wave services from Mike Fitz, Vice President and General Manager of the global wireline business unit for T-Mobile. He’ll discuss the new wave services and what that means for your business today—so you can focus on innovation.

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