T-Mobile BusinessHub™ Connect Terms of Use


By downloading the BusinessHub Connect software, using the BusinessHub services (Connect, Message Archiving, and the Admin Portal), or clicking “Accept”, you agree to these Terms of Use (“TOUs”). The T-Mobile Terms and Conditions of Service (www.t-mobile.com/terms-conditions) (“T-Mobile T&Cs”), the T-Mobile Privacy Policy (https://www.t-mobile.com/responsibility/privacy/privacy-policy), our Open Internet Policy (https://www.t-mobile.com/responsibility/consumer-info/policies/internet-service), and your Rate Plan terms are also a part of these TOUs and all of these agreements apply to your use of BusinessHub. If you have a Master Corporate Services Agreement, Business Sales Amendment, or government contract with us (collectively a “Corporate Agreement”), then the terms of your Corporate Agreement will apply instead of the T-Mobile T&Cs. All of these agreements contain important provisions that you should read, such as an agreement to arbitrate disputes, class action waiver, and limitations on liability.

Your Use of BusinessHub Connect


You will use BusinessHub services only for the intended purposes of telephone and mobile message communications. You will use BusinessHub services only as permitted by law, and in accordance with these TOUs, and any user guides or instructions that we provide. You represent you have rights to, and you take sole responsibility for, the content and materials you access or transmit using BusinessHub services, and for any activity resulting from the use of your log-in credentials, including harm from viruses or other harmful things you may access. You will not modify, copy, transfer, or reverse engineer BusinessHub services.



You will need a compatible device to use the BusinessHub Connect software. Please refer to product documentation for the full list of compatible devices.

Usage Limitations


BusinessHub Connect has a maximum call length of 4 hours and a group call is limited to 10 participants. The maximum participants in a group message is 21 participants for a closed group chat consisting of all phone numbers and 50 participants for an open group chat consisting of all email addresses.

Your License to Use BusinessHub Connect:


You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable, and non-transferable license to download and/or use the BusinessHub software and services. Your license is for individual use only for personal or business communications in the United States. T-Mobile retains exclusive ownership of all proprietary rights in the Business Hub software and services throughout the world.

Privacy, Data Security, and Your Consent to Collection and Use of Your Data


BusinessHub collects certain personal information when you use it, including geo-location information associated with your device if you provide your consent. T-Mobile uses and shares collected information as described in these TOUs and its Privacy Policy (http://www.t-mobile.com/privacy). Geo-location data in particular is used to support e911 calls in real time and is not stored.  You will be prompted during setup to allow location sharing.  You can choose not to allow location sharing and your consent can be revoked at any time through device settings, but doing so may limit certain functionality. In addition to the collection and uses described in the Privacy Policy, BusinessHub retains calls, voicemails, and text messages you send and receive for up to 90 days after delivery to enable you to access them from multiple devices. Other than the uses described herein and/or in our Privacy Policy, which may change from time to time, we won’t give third parties permission to use data that identifies you without obtaining additional consent from you. BusinessHub provides an encrypted wireless connection to the Internet, however, transmission of content over the internet could impact the security of your data. You are responsible for the security of your devices and of any data in the transmissions you make or receive. For certain aspects of BusinessHub, phone numbers associated with your account may be shared by multiple parties on multiple devices. Calls and messages to a shared phone number will ring and be accessible from all devices with which those parties have connected for service and associated with the shared phone number.

911 Calling Limitations

If you registered for BusinessHub exclusively with an email address BusinessHub does not include 911 calling capability.

If you registered for BusinessHub using a telephone number, BusinessHub Connect includes 911 calling capability, but should not be considered a replacement for your mobile or fixed line telephone service when calling 911. 911 calling functionality may be interrupted due to network outages, or the simultaneous use of other services, applications, or products.

BusinessHub Connect requires a registered street address to assist emergency services when you dial 911, and you must keep the registered address up-to-date with T-Mobile at all times.  Due to VoIP calling limitations, T-Mobile may not be able to provide 911 operators with your current location. Use your regular phone and primary T-Mobile number to make calls to 911, and always give the 911 operator your location and callback number.

BusinessHub Connect may also be used via a Wi-Fi connection. However, there may be limitations on the availability and reliability of calls made over Wi-Fi, including calls to 911 which relies on a connection that may be supplied by a third-party unaffiliated with T-Mobile.

The availability of, and access to, emergency calling services (e.g., 911 in the U.S.), may vary by country. You should familiarize yourself with how to access these services before using BusinessHub Connect in any capacity. See www.T-Mobile.com for more information about e911 services including important limitations on availability and reliability of 911 emergency service.

Violations & Changes to the Terms


If we believe you have violated these TOUs, we may investigate, terminate your ability to use BusinessHub services, and/or refer violations to law enforcement. We may change any aspect of BusinessHub services at any time or terminate your ability to use BusinessHub services for any reason, with or without warning, and you may not receive a refund. You may have to accept new versions of these TOUs in the future to continue using BusinessHub services.

Arbitration; Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability; Indemnification:


The T-Mobile T&Cs limit T-Mobile’s liability, disclaim all warranties (meaning there are no warranties for BusinessHub services), and require that you indemnify T-Mobile (meaning you might pay if someone sues us because of your use of BusinessHub services). The T-Mobile T&Cs also include an agreement to resolve any dispute with T-Mobile through binding arbitration or small claims dispute procedures (unless you opt out), and to waive your rights to a jury trial and to participate in any class action suit. If you have a Corporate Agreement, that Corporate Agreement sets forth the dispute provisions, limitation of liability and indemnification terms between you and us. See the T-Mobile Terms and Conditions or your Corporate Agreement for more details.