Take asset management to the next level.

Powered by the strength of our narrowband IoT (NB IoT) network, you get enhanced visibility into your end-to-end supply chain with asset management from Roambee.


On-demand visibility. Reliable coverage. Impactful insights.

When your assets are connected, they can communicate all kinds of important data. And with powerful new insights, you’ll be able to optimize operations and reduce costs, so your business can run at its best.

  • Track assets without investing in infrastructure.

    The GPS-enabled device easily attaches to almost anything.

  • Optimize your operations.

    Satellite trackers help you find assets and monitor movements to make the most of your resources.

  • Protect the quality of your assets.

    Use GPS position and temperature sensors for insights on location, condition, and more.

  • Stay informed with on-demand, rules-based alerts.

    Get location and condition alerts for asset management anomalies.

  • Spend less time tracking.

    Less manpower equals lower overhead costs for your business.

  • Reduce risk of loss.

    Locate misplaced assets through on-demand data gathering and analysis.

  • Pay only $10/mo.

    For each of the small tracking devices plus taxes and fees. And even better—there’s no down payment.

  • Get one bill for everything.

    Your phones, tablets, IoT solutions, and other mobile business products are all billed in one convenient place.

Our partnership

Gain a competitive advantage with T-Mobile for Business and Roambee.
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America’s first nationwide Narrowband IoT network.

Our NB-IoT network helps extend battery life and provides the security and reliability of LTE connectivity without being dragged down by an old 2G connection.


Get on-demand goods and assets monitoring.

Founded in 2014, Roambee is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of end-to-end visibility for supply chains and enterprise assets. Roambee’s IoT solutions are designed to address a broad range of enterprise challenges with patented hardware and software technology.

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Smart supply chains

Learn how better data drives better business decisions.
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How IoT is changing asset tracking.

Read how the right IoT solution can help drive results and reduce risks in asset tracking, equipment monitoring and more.

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T-Mobile and Roambee are joining forces to enable smarter operations powered by Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) to help deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility, business efficiencies, and risk mitigation. Roambee’s BeeAware is a cloud-enabled cellular wireless tracking solution that monitors and manages the location and condition of goods, assets, or equipment—all on T-Mobile’s nationwide NB-IoT network. It’s an ideal solution for keeping track of high-value assets in-field or in-transit.

T-Mobile’s asset tracking solution from Roambee costs $10 per device, per month plus taxes & fees. There’s no annual service contract. And the best part? It includes all necessary hardware, software, connectivity data, and reporting tools. There’s no expensive hardware for you to buy, no complicated software to maintain, and no costly data plans to purchase. Through Roambee’s secure portal, you’ll have all the information available to you on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Also, when you’re done using the service, simply send the devices back to Roambee in our pre-paid packaging or take advantage of our reverse logistics service. It’s that simple! 

T-Mobile will simply add a monthly charge to your current statement. For more information, please contact your T-Mobile account representative.

Yes, this device only works on T-Mobile’s Narrowband IoT network. 

No, these devices are not available in T-Mobile retail stores. 

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a standards-based Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services. For LPWA applications, such as smart metering, tracking of assets, and monitoring equipment, the key requirement is the ability to periodically exchange small amounts of data easily, reliably, and cost-effectively. To learn more about NB-IoT, check out our whitepaper.

There’s a portfolio of comprehensive analytics and reporting options to choose from. These reports help provide important information about your shipments as well as valuable insights into opportunities for business optimization, ROI improvement, or issue resolution. You can automatically send reports within your defined parameters or access them on demand through Roambee’s portal dashboards. Report types include alert heat maps, aggregate shipment or asset data, statistical data (distributions or deviations from averages or means), transporter/lane performance, and more.

For any billing or network issues please contact T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997. For any troubleshooting assistance needed with the Roambee portal, please contact Roambee directly at 1-844-511-6965 or email support@Roambee.com.

Your Roambee BeeAware device should come fully charged. However, we always recommend you charge it upon receipt. By then you should have also received a Roambee portal registration email giving you access to Roambee’s analytics portal. To get started please either follow the setup steps included in the Quick Start Guide or contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-937-8997 for assistance.  

If you have issues with billing or connectivity, please contact T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997. For technical issues (troubleshooting, set-up, configuration, etc.) with your service, please contact Roambee’s support team at 1-844-511-6965. 

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