Connecting the new era of retail with a network.

As retail evolves, you can transform the digital and physical shopping experience with 5G Advanced Network Solutions that modernize your organization’s cloud infrastructure, while helping to improve security, control, and reliability.
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The 5G era of retail is here.

Robots standing in front of shelves with inventory on them Robots standing in front of shelves with inventory on them Robots standing in front of shelves with inventory on them Robots standing in front of shelves with inventory on them

Improving retail starts here.

Digital systems powered by 5G network coverage, speed, and capacity can give retailers a 360-degree view of their business so they can create more connected, customer experiences, improve staff engagement, and reinvent sales models.

Optimize shopping experiences—online and in store.

T-Mobile delivers the network, support, and 5G innovations to ensure customers get what they want and your store gets the sales it needs.

Use virtual reality as a valuable training tool.

Virtual and Augmented Reality drive efficiencies by enabling onsite and remote employee training and shortened onboarding in a safe environment.

Gain valuable insights through activity heatmapping.

With activity heatmapping, you can capitalize on data insights to help improve ROI for brands in store and learn which areas are most productive for you.

Bringing you insights and innovations across industries.

Gas station at night with blue and white lights

What does the gas station of the future look like?

Gas stations will require a robust, data driven digital network that facilitates customer decision making, enables inventory management, offers mobile apps for fast payment, and provides augmented reality for employee training.

Worker in clothing store smiles at camera while holding a tablet.

What to look out for in the next era of retail.

Roopi Crowley, Retail Industry Advisor at T-Mobile talks about integrating physical and digital experiences for success. Retailers need to rethink their retail space and digital infrastructure.

Worker inside grocery store holds a tablet while checking inventory on shelf.

Network connectivity: the future of grocery retailing.

Ryan Taylor, Retail Industry Advisor at T-Mobile details the need for grocers to embrace digital transformation and network connectivity to meet e-commerce demands of customers. 

Our network and solutions unite every facet of your retail business.

Closeup of two hands holding a tablet

Empowering decision-making through data.

Data can improve every touchpoint of your business. Whether you have one retail footprint or many, we can provide a reliable network to make sure there are no blind spots when it comes to collecting information.

Person holding tablet in hand looking at the dashboard

Data-enabled optimization.

As data becomes more accessible, the next era of retail involves building the right system to use it. From monitoring and optimizing revenue to using predictive analytics and customer profiling, we can help you establish the foundational network and tap into industry experts to help you understand your needs.

Creating smart guest experiences within the hospitality industry.

As the hospitality landscape shifts from face-to-face employee and guest interactions to more touchless engagement, we can help you stay ahead of the curve with our extensive knowledge, expansive network, and innovative solutions.

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