Samsung Smart Tag-plus - Black

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Finding the important things in your life; Bluetooth powered SmartTag+ attach easily to keys, bags, or personal belongings. If you think your lost item is nearby but can't quite find it, tap the ring button on your mobile and follow the familiar sound of your ringtone calling for you at the volume you set. Galaxy SmartTag+ has a Bluetooth range of up to 120m without obstacles. Actual performance may vary depending on the environment where they are used. AR Finding walks you step-by-step to lost items. AR Finding gives you a uniquely visual way to locate a lost item with a SmartTag+ attached. It even lets you know you're close with a glimmering green light when you're at the destination. It shows you the way on your phone screen through the SmartThings app. For Galaxy SmartTag+, Samsung account log-in and registration on SmartThings Find is required.