Nimble Eco-Friendly Wally Mini+ 30W PD Wall Charger - Charcoal Grey

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Without trashing the planet, keep your devices fully charged with the Eco-Friendly Wally Mini+, a 30W Dual Port PD/PPS Wall Charger optimized for Power Delivery (PD) and Programable Power Supply (PPS) Enabled smartphones like Samsung and iPhone. The Wally Mini+ 30W provides up to 25W of charging power for Samsung phones and up to 20W for iPhone. Made from 72.5% recycled material. Certified B Corp: Nimble is a Certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, Certified Carbon Neutral: Nimble is a Climate Neutral company, certified by an independent non-profit organization to measure, offset, and reduce overall greenhouse emissions from all products and services. 1% for the Planet, Free E-Waste Recycling: For every product purchased, Nimble customers can recycle up to 1 pound of e-waste for free through Nimble's One-for-One Tech Recovery Project, Sustainably Sourced, Ethically Produced.