Elfstorm Kixstand - Black

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The ELFstorm kixstand is a premium and ergonomic mobile phone grip and stand that fits on the back of most smartphones and phone cases. The kixstand is ultra slim which enables your phone to work with most wireless chargers as well as make for a comfortable fit in your pocket. Just as important, the kixstand provides a secure grip on your phone and a hands-free stand that allows optimal portrait and landscape viewing. Despite its slim form factor, the kixstand is sturdily constructed and contains custom magnets that allow it to snap open or stay shut. As a cool side effect, it will give your phone the ability to stick to magnetic-friendly surfaces such as a refrigerator. Ultimately, the kixstand is the ideal multi-purpose smartphone accessory that will enhance your mobile lifestyle. It is covered by ELFstorm's 90-day limited warranty which is a no-hassle manufacturer return policy.