Case-Mate Twinkle Case for Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G - Twinkle




A fun twist on our classic Karat case, the Twinkle design has eye-catching iridescent glitter foil suspended in clear resin. The twinkle effect is sure to catch everyone's eye. This case comes on a one-piece platform, with refined metallic buttons, anti-scratch technology, 10-foot drop protection, MicroPel antimicrobial protection and, as always, our lifetime warranty. Twinkle is compatible with wireless charging, so you'll never have to worry about taking your case off to charge up! For those who want a little more sparkle and glam, the Twinkle case is the one for you! Here at Case-Mate, we know that a case isn't just something you slip on the back of your phone and forget. It's a fashion accessory in its own right. A phone case expresses your personality, accentuates your look, and most importantly protects your phone. But just because it's a practical necessity doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.