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Image of smartphone showing the steps to take for photo optimization.

Optimize your photos

Photo optimization on your smartphone stores full-resolution versions in the cloud while leaving smaller versions on your phone.


 Under Settings > Photos, you can enable the "Optimize iPhone Storage" option


 Under Settings > Google Photos, enable "Free up space"

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Set up your hotspot for internet on the go

Turn your phone into a mobile hotspot so friends and family can use your network connection when they don’t have service or Wi-Fi.


Tap Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot. Or for newer devices just skip to Personal Hotspot.

Then tap the toggle button next to Allow Others to Join.


Open Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & Tethering.

Then tap Wi-Fi Hotspot. Configure your hotspot then turn it on.

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Save time while texting

Set up your device’s keyboard to autofill phrases you use a lot. Use shortcuts instead of spelling it out—your keyboard will do the rest!


Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Tap the “+” sign at the top and enter a phrase or shortcut. Ex. Type “Omw!” for “On my way!”


Go to Settings > Select System > Languages & Input > Advanced > Select Personal Dictionary.

Click the “+” sign and enter a phrase or shortcut.

Icon of a camera

Access your camera in a flash

Don’t miss a moment! Open your camera quickly without unlocking your screen.


From your lock screen, swipe left to jump straight to your camera.


Double tap the device’s power button to access the camera. This works for most current Android devices.

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Save your battery life

Did you know using your phone in cold weather can drain your battery much faster than in warmer temperatures? Keep your phone away from the cold and enable battery saving mode when you’re out in the chill!

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Switch your phone to dark mode

In low light situations, you can easily switch your phone to dark mode to reduce eye strain and help preserve battery life. Here’s how:


Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Appearance > Dark.


Go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Device Theme > Dark.