T-Mobile BlackBerry customers:  T-Mobile and Samsung are teaming up to bring you a winning deal.

Ready to make a change and upgrade your T-Mobile BlackBerry to a new Samsung phone? Now’s a great time to get a new Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Light™, or even the brand-new Galaxy S® 5. Simply upgrade your T-Mobile BlackBerry to a new Samsung phone, and you get a prepaid rebate card for $200.
If you have a BlackBerry and are a JUMP!™ customer, log in to check your JUMP! eligibility at this time. If you’re eligible for a JUMP! upgrade, you also can get a prepaid card for $200 if you upgrade to one of these Samsung devices.

Samsung, powered by Android.

When you upgrade to a Samsung phone, you get the powerful Android OS. So you’ll get more done with secure access to email and the leading productivity apps. And you’ll have more fun with the millions of apps, games, songs, and videos on Google Play.

Our message to BlackBerry customers everywhere:

Nothing’s changed, including how your current T-Mobile BlackBerry device operates on our network now or in the future. Just like every T-Mobile customer, you can count on the very best customer service, no annual service contracts, the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network—everything. And rest assured, we’ve got your back from here on out.  

But, if you’re ready to make a change now, you can get a $100 prepaid rebate card when you upgrade your BlackBerry to any new smartphone.  Need more time? This offer will be available for the remainder of the year.