It’s like a checking account on your phone.
Only from T-Mobile.

Imagine the convenience of directly depositing a paycheck, accessing thousands of ATMs, and using your money anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. There is no credit check and no minimum balance. All you need is a T-Mobile® Visa® Prepaid Card and your phone.

Spend more on you. Less on fees.

We think it’s wrong to charge you high fees to use your own money. That’s why we created Mobile Money. T-Mobile wireless customers pay $0 for things they do every day.

  • $0 Withdrawal Fees at over 42,000 in-network ATMs
  • $0 Monthly Maintenance Fees
  • $0 Reload Fees in T-Mobile® stores
  • $0 Retail Purchase Fees

A faster tax refund. An extra $20.** And a chance to win T-Mobile wireless service for a year.§

Set up your 2014 federal tax refund with a Direct Deposit to your T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card and you could enter for a chance to win a year of T-Mobile wireless service. Want a shot at the big prize? It’s simple:

  1. Sign up for a T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card, download the Mobile Money app, and activate your card.
  2. Set up Direct Deposit of your 2014 tax refund to your T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card. You’ll get your tax refund faster than you would with a paper check. Plus, you'll get $20 on us.**
  3. Enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win T-Mobile wireless service for a year.

Frequently asked questions

No, this is a prepaid debit card. That means there is no credit check, and you can spend only what you have deposited on the card.

There are fees for non-typical use. For example, if you want your personalized card shipped overnight, you’ll have to pay that fee. If you forgot to pay a bill and you need to get the funds there immediately, there is a charge for that. And if you choose to use an ATM that is outside of our partner network, then you will be charged a small fee. You can find a list in the terms and conditions. People who are not on a qualifying T-Mobile plan will incur additional fees.

Yes. Your tax refund can be loaded directly to your Card Account by including the T-Mobile Card routing number and Direct Deposit Account (DDA) number (NOT your 16-digit card account number) provided on your personalized direct deposit form. You can use this information whether you are filing online, by mail or through your local tax preparer.

Note: Refund Direct Deposits MUST be in the name of the cardholder to be accepted and posted to the T-Mobile Card Account. More information here under LOADING MONEY > Tax Refund

No, but it would be better if you were! Anyone can use our card, but we save the best benefits for our customers. There are other ways you can get your monthly fees waived, but the easiest way is to be a T-Mobile customer.

Nope. Your wireless service is completely separate from the card. We’ll be sorry to see you cancel your card, but we still love having you as a wireless customer!

No, we are not a bank! But, we don’t think it’s fair for banks to charge our customers lots of high fees, so we’ve found a way to do it better.

Yes, if they also are cardholders. You’ll need their wireless phone numbers and the last 4 digits of their cards. You can send $100 a day, and up to $500 in a month. This is perfect for kids who are away at college.

Don’t worry, you’re covered. With Visa Zero liability, you won’t be liable for any purchases made without your consent. Just remember to report the loss or theft as soon as possible. Our reps will ask you about whether you authorized the most recent transactions, and then we can ship you out a new card right away.