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    • BlackBerry Q10 - Refurbished - None

    BlackBerry Q10 - Refurbished

    Introducing the new BlackBerry® Q10 – built to keep you moving.

    • Discover the new BlackBerry 10 operating system
    • Type with ease on the classic BlackBerry® keyboard
    • Chat face-to-face with BBM Video
    • Share your mobile screen instantly with Screen Share

    New device purchase requires a SIM Starter Kit which will be added to your order automatically.


    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 2 reviewers.

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    Q10 - Refurbished
    • Advanced 8 Megapixel Camera

      With quality worth printing, now you can really enjoy those special moments captured on your device. You can also share them with family and friends by sending them to any e-mail address or T-Mobile camera phone.

    • 3.1” Super AMOLED Touch Screen

      Sharp & vibrant, images are stunning thanks to the large 3.1 inch OLED touch screen.

    • BlackBerry® Hub

      Peek into the BlackBerry® Hub from any app to effortlessly flow in and out of your messages and conversations.

    • BlackBerry® Keyboard

      The BlackBerry® Keyboard – the most effortless typing experience.

    • BBM™ Video with Screen Share

      Catch up face-to-face and share what’s on your screen with BBM™ Video with Screen Share.(Compatible BB10 devices, Wi-Fi, 4G or HSPA+ connection required.)

    • 16 GB Built-in Memory Plus MicroSD Slot

      Plenty of room to store your photos, videos, movies, and more—expandable up to 48 GB with a MicroSD card.

    • 3.5mm Audio Jack

      3.5mm audio jack gives you the flexibility to listen to your downloaded tunes just about anywhere—all you need is a standard set of ear buds or headphones.

    • Apps - Blackberry App World

      With direct access to the Blackberry App World you have access to all kinds of fun and useful apps to turn your device into the ultimate mobile device.

    • 1.5GHz Dual-core Processor

      Experience even quicker downloads and streaming content.

    • Front-facing 2 Megapixel Camera

      Take advantage of video chat with a built-in webcam. With 2 megapixel capability for photos, you can also take better self-portraits since you can see what you’re capturing.

    • Full corporate e-mail and calendar support

      Sync with your corporate e-mail exchange server to access and manage your work e-mail and calendar events.

    • LTE Capable

      LTE Capable

    • NFC

      Near Field Communication allows you to share contacts, web pages, videos and more with a single tap against another NFC capable device.

    • Super AMOLED Display

      Super AMOLED™ technology gives you a screen unlike any other mobile device. It’s bright, clear, colorful, and allows you to read even in direct sunlight. Its high-resolution screen brings graphics and movement to life.

    • Touch Screen

      Everything your phone can do is now literally at your fingertips. A high resolution touch screen gives you fast and fun access to your phone's display.

    • Web Browsing with Full Flash Support

      Enjoy the Web as it was meant to be experienced. Full Flash support brings you better online video viewing, browser-based gaming, and more.

    • GPS built-in

      Get your real-time location on maps, driving directions, and more*

    • 1080p HD Camcorder

      Record videos in 1080p resolution.

    • 4G capable

      Browse the Web, download content, and stream media faster on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

    • Address book

      The info you need to contact your contacts.

    • Alarm clock

      Set an alarm to wake up, leave for an appointment, or take a break.

    • Auto Rotating Screen

      Your screen can automatically rotate images for portrait or landscape viewing.

    • Autofocus

      Autofocus can help you avoid blurry photos by automatically focusing your camera lens on your main subject.

    • Bluetooth® connectivity

      Wirelessly connect your device to optional compatible hands-free accessories such as headsets and car kits.

    • Bluetooth® Tethering

      Use your phone’s data connection to access the Internet on your Bluetooth®-enabled laptop.

    • Calculator

      A handy way to check your figures.

    • Calendar

      Keep track of appointments and even set reminders to make sure you're on time.

    • Camera Zoom

      Use the digital zoom to get a close-up picture without getting too close.

    • Conference Calling

      Talk to two people at the same time.

    • Currency converter

      Easily calculate how much something costs in your currency or check the math of the exchange bureau.

    • Easily synch w/ Microsoft Outlook

      Stay in synch with your Contacts, Calendar, and Email in Microsoft Outlook

    • Edit Microsoft® Word and Excel Documents

      With Word and Excel editing capabilities, your device can be an extension of your office.

    • FM radio

      Listen to your favorite radio stations from your wireless device (required headphones sold separately)

    • GPS with Navigation Capability

      Get your real-time location on maps, driving directions, and more.

    • Games

      Enjoy your down time more with fun games on your device.

    • Group Text

      With Group Text you have the freedom to create, participate in, and manage your reply-all text groups.

    • HDMI Out

      With HDMI out, you can connect your device to any compatible 3D or HD display to view your videos.

    • LED Camera Flash

      A built-in LED flash gives you a brighter light source for taking photos in less-than-ideal lighting situations.

    • Memory Card Slot (microSD)

      Add more memory for multimedia files, data and more. Easily take the memory card out of your device to transfer files and data to another device.

    • Messaging [IM]

      Use your existing instant messenger service to see who's available, then chat instantly.

    • Messaging [Text, Picture & Social Networking]

      Send a message or a photo to any wireless phone or e-mail address. Or stay connected using always-on social networking.

    • Mobile Video Chat

      Chat face-to-face while on the go.

    • Music player

      Play your favorite music wherever you are.

    • Personal and Work E-mail

      Send and receive messages from personal and work e-mail.

    • Photo caller ID

      See a photo of your caller to quickly decide whether to answer.

    • Photo Editing

      With several editing tools at your disposal, your camera device can become a digital photo lab.

    • Predictive Text Input

      Predictive text input anticipates what you're typing to make sending messages faster and easier.

    • QWERTY keyboard

      The built-in familiar layout lets you type messages easily without searching for the letter you want.

    • Smartphone Mobile Hotspot Ready

      Use your device's web connection to connect laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet.

    • Speaker phone

      Free up your hands for safety and convenience - speakerphone allows you to talk on your device without having to hold it.

    • Stereo Bluetooth® Connectivity

      Make hands-free wireless calls and listen to your music in style, and in stereo. With Bluetooth® stereo headphones, you can hear all your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard.

    • Stopwatch

      Time anything you want to one hundredth of a second.

    • TV Out

      With an optional TV out cable, you can display your device screen on your TV screen for watching media, sharing photos, and even surfing the Web.

    • USB Tethering

      Use your device’s data connection to access the Internet on your laptop.

    • Vibrating alert

      Device vibrates to let you know you have a call or message without disturbing anyone.

    • Video capture/playback

      Capture and play back short video clips.

    • View and Edit E-Mail Attachments

      Open, edit, and share e-mail attachments right from your device.

    • Visual Voicemail

      With Visual Voicemail you can listen to your voicemail messages in any order, respond in one click and easily manage your inbox without ever dialing in to the network.

    • Voice-activated functions

      Control your device with your voice.

    • Voice dialing

      Call someone with simple voice commands to keep your hands free for activities like driving.

    • Windows and Mac capability

      Device can work with most laptop computers running either Windows 7, XP, Vista, or MAC OS X 10.4 or higher.

    • HD Voice

      HD Voice enables superior call clarity and quality. Both people on a call must be using HD Voice capable phones to enjoy the benefits.

    • Wi-Fi Calling

      Call normally, or use Wi-Fi when you don't have cellular reception.


    Size and Weight
    • 4.7 x 2.63 x 0.41 inches
    • 4.94 ounces
    Operating System and Processor
    • 1.5GHz Dual-core Processor
    Battery Life
    • Up to 12 hours talk time
    • Up to 10 days standby time
    Camera, Photos and Video
    • Advanced 8 Megapixel Camera
    • Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM - expandable up to 64GB
    • Sync methods: BlackBerry Link via Bluetooth, USB
    • 4G Capable
    • 4G LTE Capable
    • Wi-Fi Calling
    GPS and Apps
    • GPS enabled
    • UMTS: Band I (2100);UMTS: Band IV (AWS);UMTS: Band V (850);Band II (1900);Quad Band GSM;LTE
    Hearing Aid Compatibility
    • M3 & T4
    In The Box
    • Q10 - Refurbished
    • Battery
    • Charger
    • USB Cable
    • Start Guide
    • SIM Card
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Keyboard Phone I already have a BlackBerry Z10 but with the recent T-Mobile promo, I wanted to try out a keyboard BlackBerry. The price was very good with the promo. Anyway, the refurb unit was shipped from Kentucky to California via free next day shipping. It arrived just an hour shy of 24 hours later. The box was a generic plain white one, without any product labels. The Q10 was a refurb, with only a tiny metal nick on the speaker grill. The screen, keyboard and general condition was perfect otherwise. The back cover, battery, and charger supplied were new, though the charger was a generic one, not a BlackBerry OEM. The documentation was new as well and the package included a T-Mobile microSIM (I swapped in the one from the Z10 and was up and running.). I've only had full touch smartphones before (BlackBerry 9850 and Z10), so I wasn't sure how I would take to one with a keyboard, one that would be sacrificing my screen space (3.7" on the 9850 and 4.2" on the Z10, compared to 3.1" of the Q10). Well, the tactile feel of having a keyboard to touch is very satisfying (like popping bubblewrap!) and the smaller screen wasn't so much of a sacrifice. The resolution is really sharp, so even displaying full webpages, isn't a problem. Everything is just smaller, but still readably sharp. (There is a setting in the OS to scale up text and a reader mode, where images are stripped out only leaving text, that will help for those far-sighted.) I commute on the bus workday and the Q10 has FM radio (Z10 doesn't). Sure, most people like to listen to their own tunes, which the Q10 can do as well, but sometimes it's nice to hear news, NPR, or just listen to music selections from someone else. The FM radio doesn't use any data, which works perfect for me. I'm on Simple Choice 500 and would rather my data go toward browsing, FB, Twitter, etc. At work, I'm inside a building and all BlackBerry's offered by T-Mobile include Wi-Fi Calling, which means I can turn off Mobile Network and just use the office's guest network to stay connected, without having the phone constantly search for a non-existent Mobile Network, which drains the battery of any phone. Once I go traveling again, I can't wait to try out Wi-Fi Calling while abroad. No need to Google Voice, Skype, etc. I'll just make a phone call. Overall, I'm quite happy with my refurb Q10 and it's currently my daily driver, the phone I carry everyday. BlackBerry Q10, BB10 software version March 22, 2014
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Lack of apps This is my 3rd Blackberry, and it is a good telephone. But the lack of apps and some of the apps that I had on my old Blackberry will not work on this one; Waze, CCTV remote monitoring etc,etc. I would like to keep it but I do not have any other choice to go with an Android..... on my way to exchange this one for a Droid. February 8, 2014
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    Still have questions?

    Call 1-800-T-MOBILE:  1-800-866-2453