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Choose the amount of 4G LTE data you want to add to your unlimited tablet or hotspot data plan.

Limited time offer on our best plans! And, always get no overages, no annual service contracts - total freedom. Don’t want to run your credit?

  • overages.
  • Post picture or video per day.
    Post pictures or videos per day.
  • View web pages a day.
  • Send or view emails per day.

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$ per month

Plus taxes, fees and monthly device payment

of high-speed data on our network

Free with a voice plan through 2014 after bill credit. Plus up to 200MB free data for as long as you own your tablet. (Tax add'l)

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Get a $10 discount when you also purchase a postpaid phone plan on the same account. Discount will be reflected on your monthly bill.

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At T-Mobile we don't charge overage fees. Once you have used all the high speed data allotted on your data option, your data speed will automatically convert to up to 2G web speeds for the remainder of your billing cycle. At the beginning of your next billing cycle youll be back to nationwide 4G data.

Its our mission to not be like all the other wireless carriers and one way were doing that is by not locking you into a restrictive 2-year service contract with the Simple Choice Plan. What that means is that its easier for you to change plans whenever you need to.

To change your plan or get more information log onto My T‐Mobile

Its our mission to not be like all the other wireless carriers and one way we're doing that is by not locking you into a restrictive 2-year contract with the Simple Choice Plan. And since there are no annual service contract requirements with the Simple Choice Plan, there are no early termination fees and you can upgrade when you want.

Why T-Mobile

We’ve made it simple for you to switch to T-Mobile. First you select a phone or device—you can either shop for a new one or bring your own. If you bring your own you should first check if it’s eligible. Then you choose how much high-speed data you want and head to our secure checkout. Then all you do is give us your old account information and we’ll contact your carrier to complete the process.

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A 4G data network is the technology that provides the mobile internet access for your phone, tablet, laptop and other wireless devices. Our nationwide 4G data network is fast so you can surf, download, stream and email quickly from any device, virtually anywhere.

High-speed data allows Internet access at a high data rate or speed providing a smooth Internet connection for heavy data activities such as streaming media, watching video and online gaming. In some areas the activities you do may be transmitted on slower speeds and may reduce the quality of some of your heavy data activities. A capable device and qualifying rate plan are required for 4G and 3G speeds.

New data shows our advanced nationwide network has significantly less network congestion than AT&T’s. That means you're less likely to slow down during busy peak times of use. And you can connect in more places with WiFi Calling using virtually any available WiFi network. To find out what coverage is like near you, check our map.

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Still have questions?

Or call customer service:  1-800-T-MOBILE

Still have questions?

Or call customer service:  1-800-T-MOBILE