iPad Air Screen Protector

  • Optically clear film protects screen from scratches and smears
  • Fitted for your iPad Air
  • Easy to install


iPad Air Screen Protector


  • 30-day Return/Exchange Period
  • Anti-fingerprint film
Wearing Style
  • Screen Protector
In The Box
  • 1 iPad Air Screen Protector

Compatible Devices

  • iPad Air - Silver - 128GB
  • iPad Air - Silver - 32GB
  • iPad Air - Space Gray - 128GB
  • iPad Air - Space Gray - 32GB
  • iPad Air - Silver - 16GB
  • iPad Air - Silver - 64GB
  • iPad Air - Space Gray - 16GB
  • iPad Air - Space Gray - 64GB

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Still have questions?

Call 1-800-T-MOBILE:  1-800-866-2453